Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crazy Life

WOW! So things have been crazy in the Hakes' house! We spent the fourth of July in Bakersfield with my entire family! Yep, All six of us were there! It was a blast. then my niece came and visited us for the week, and tomorrow we are headed off to Flathead Lake, Montana! What a fun summer this has turned out to be! Maggie and Miley are growing like weed and are definitly keeping me busy! I am counting down the days until Maggie goes to nursery (and we might be inactive for the time being :) I am such a terrible mom, i didnt take any pictures of my trip :( so check out my sisters blogs for some! the links are on my pages (The williams and The Hubbles)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well a few weeks ago we got a letter from our city to get rid of the weeds (fire hazard). So last saturday we did!


Yeah! The weeds are gone! After renting the bobcat, Reggie finished in about 2 hours! More updates on this to come!