Sunday, November 15, 2009

So, I have done 4 posts today. Read on!

This post is totally out of order. This is 1 week ago when there was no snow at our house.

Miley shouldnt be driving. It is the funniest thing to watch her drive into things, in circles, and get stuck. And the neighbor girl Maddie just loves going for rides!

So I was gone all day at Volleyball state tournament and I come home and I can't find anyone, then I find Reggie riding around in the empty lot by our house with Maggie. Guess this is what happens when you leave your kids all day!

Baby Shower

Saturday I had a baby shower at my house for my BFF Leslie! I am soo excited she is having a little boy in January. We almost didn't get to have a shower for her cause she is living in Texas, and almost couldnt make it up to Utah. But she did! It turned out great! So this cake i made, i want ooohhs and aaahhhs in my commets! I did this (with the help of my awesome neighbors, 1 who had a degree in culinary arts)! It was soo much work, like Iam not even got tell you! you would die if you really new. It looks small, but it was actually really big. It was Vanilla cake, with strawberry filling, with Fondant icing. It turned out as good as it looks :) It was a great shower, and I was so happy to do it for you Leslie!

Christmas Lights and Snow!

K, So I had Reggie convinced that Christmas Lights must go up on our house! Yeah! We have never had them, and living in Utah you need to get them up early or else you are putting them up in this! Reggie started at noon that day. It was nice out side, but in a matter of minutes it got way ugly! Blizzard! It was too funny cuz i couldnt get him to stop, he said he already had them out, so he was going to do it!(I really wish I had a picture of that!) He is soo stubborn. Well he got 1 strand up and quit. To Freakin cold. Our neighbor was supposed to be helping earlier, but he was too busy watching the BYU football game. But later that night Reg decided to tackle the job and finish it, with the help of our neighbor! Thanks! The kids had a blast playing in our first snow of the year!

Reggie up there, Cant see him that well

Maggs loved the snow!

Maggs and Ty

Our Neighbors Sweet girl, who is Mileys
age, Brianna. She is sooo adorable! Just love
that little girl!

All 4 Kids!


So last week I decided to take the girls to get their haircuts with Aunt Katie! They loved every minute of it! They were actually really good, Maggie just sat still and let Katie to the work! Miley was a little tough to work with, but we battled it out! When we left Maggie said "I wanna do dat again!"

Well, you cant tell but Miley has this horrible
swirly cow lick right in the middle of her for head!
She is not gonna like that when she is older!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This Month has seriously flown by! I have been so busy with coaching, that I have been neglecting my blog! Earlier this month we had an Adult costume party, and unfortunately i have no pictures. My friends do, so hopefully i can get some from them! Here are the girls on Halloween! They were such good trick or treaters and thought that they had to eat every piece of candy, but they listened and had to wait till they got home to eat some! Maggie was none other than the famous "Hannah Montana" and Miley was an adorable witch, who refused to wear the hat that grandma so urgently rushed in the mail!! Little stinker!


OK, Much better!

Maggie and Cowboy Cole