Friday, August 27, 2010

Lately we have been...

I am so behind on my blog. We have had many events since march, maggie turned 3, april easter and miley turned 2, June 3 week trip to cali, July 4th, and just some fun summer stuff! here are just a few pictures of our summer. (Starting with most recent :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things that have been in my carpet this week:

-Fruity Pebbles and milk.

-Dora the explorer yogurt Smoothie.
-Tomato sauce.
-Taco Soup
-Fondant Icing.
-Gold fish.
-Bread Crumbs.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sorry for no posts!

I hate posting without pictures. I think my blog is boring already and that no one wants to read it, just see the pictures.. Anyway! My camera battery is dead, and i cant find the charger, so i hope to have it ready for Maggie's 3rd bday!! Can't believe she is gonna be 3!! (is it me, or do you hate the fact that blogger doesn't automatically capitalize your "I" s and the first word after a period?!?!) We are currently under construction at my house. My amazing husband, the carpenter, put bead board up in Maggie's room, so hopefully I will have my house back in order for saturday. But i am not getting my hopes up. He really has done an awesome job for not really knowing what to do. I am in desperate need of a house cleaner. I got rid of mine about a year ago, and have been really good about it every week. Since it is my birthday week i think a phone call to my cleaing lady wouldnt hurt!

I have a new favorite show. Modern family. It is absolutely hilarious. I thought that the gay couple would totally bother me and turn me off, but they are too stinkin funny. Oh wow. How i love that show.

Scary incident happend to me yesterday. I was in my room on my computer just looking up cake ideas for Maggie's Birthday Cake, and i Hear the garbage disposal go on and a Bloody scream. My hearts beats out of my chest immediatly and throw the computer off of me . I ran to the kitchen as fast I could to find Miley standing in the sink. 3 spoons were going crazy in the disposal. She was absolutely terrified as was I. It took us both about 20 mintues to calm down. All i could think about was what if her foot slipped in there or her hand?? I immediatly said a prayer of thanks to my Heavenly Father that nothing traumatic happened to her. I have been feeling sick about it ever since.

Well i am rambling. Life is great and we are just so happy. I love my girls to death and they are my joy. I have the most amazing husband in the world, and i need to tell me him that more. We have been so blessed to stay some -what busy in this terrible economy. I have nothing to complain about. And i dont think i should ever complain about anything. I have so many things to be grateful for and they out-weigh the bad.

My goal this week- Think Positive.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

12:00 am: Still sitting on the computer. 12:50 go to sleep.
1:00 am: Sleep.
2:00 am: Sleep.
3:00 am: Sleep.
4:00 am: Sleep.
5:00 am: Sleep
6:00 am: Sleep
7:00 am: Sleep.

8:00 am: Miley Wakes up first. Change her diaper, get her some milk. We cuddle. She asks for Reggie probably 15 times every morning. She eventually gives up after I give her the same response every time. 8:20 Maggie is up. Feed them Cereal. They make a mess.

9:00 am: Really dont remember much of this morning. All a blur. I am pretty sure Maggie watches Dora and the girls fight over their bikes i let them bring in the house. Do my daily blog post. Thats about it.

10:00 am: Call Katie to see what her plans are for the day and asked her if she would go to Gracie Lou's Quilt shop with me. She said yes so i hoped in the shower. ready by 10:45. Leave to go get Katie.

11:00 am: At Gracie Lou's. Cutest Shop ever!! I could spend all day there and be perfectly happy. Chased Miley around to make sure she didn't destroy too much. I find some adorable fabric to make a car seat cover and "pillow case" dresses for the girls. 11:45 leave and take Katie home.

12:00 pm: Reggie is home when we get there, very exciting. I drop off the girls get lunch started at run to the gas station real quick for a Diet Pepsi. Finish Lunch, Reggie Leaves. Clean up the Kitchen so I can start on my project.

1:00 pm: Miley down for her nap. More Dora on for Maggie. Maggie then discovers that I am laying out fabric and insists she helps me. So I let her play with some scraps and get to work on my car seat canopy. So for the next 3 hours I am sewing..

2:00 pm: Get paints set and princess color stuff out for her, occupies her for about an hour. I am just sewing, sewing, sewing.

3:00 pm: More Sewing. Reggie comes home to work in the basement.

4:00 pm: Miley is up. Here is where all my trouble begins.. She wants to cuddle, so we cuddle for a little bit I am just about done with the Car seat canopy. Just another 15 minutes!! The girls will not stop fighting over their bikes!! Driving me crazy, but i just ignore them. I need to get this done so can put it all away. Finally 4:45 officially done. If i didnt have kids in my way, the project would have taken only 2 hours.

5:00 pm: Trying to decide what to have for dinner. I dont want to go to the grocery store this week, so i am trying to use up all my options at home. Frozen Pizza and Nachos is whats for dinner!

6:00 pm: Reggie Leaves to go teach Temple Prep classes to our neighbors. Girls get in the tub. I then decide to deliver our primary CDs to people that havnt picked them up. The girls enjoyed riding around the neighborhood without having to be in their car seats and knocking on doors. The last stop was our next door neighbors, so we stayed a while and let the kids play. My Girls adore their kids.

7:00 pm: Reggie is home, I leave him with the girls for Sewing night! Yay, we made these really cute Pillow Case Dresses. They are darling. I will take pictures with them in it on sunday!

8:00 pm: Still sewing

9:00 pm: Still Sewing

10:00 pm: still sewing.. thought these dresses were supposed to be easy!! (but I had to make 2) 10:15 I am done!! 10:45 Get on computer and start my blog. Today is a boring day.. Guess i am just too tired to really get into it today.

11:00 pm: Computer and Sleep. (hope my posts aren't confusing.. I hate proof reading so I usually just post after I am done...)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

12:00 am: Sleep
1:00 am: Sleep
2:00 am: Sleep
3:00 am: Sleep
4:00 am: Sleep
5:00 am: Sleep
6:00 am: Sleep, 6:30 Reggie is up and leaves for work. I get 3 Texts from him at 6:45 needed me to set his wallet out for Jesus to come by and pick up. I slept through the 3 texts. 6:52 he calls me, missed the call, but saw the texts. Got my butt out of bed, threw it outside the front door for Jesus.
6:53 back to sleep

7:00 am: Sleep

8:00 am Sleep, up at 8:30. Both girls are up at the same time. Miley has a runny nose! Dang Golds Gym daycare! Wipe Miley's nose. Change diapers. Made sausage and Eggs for breakfast, the girls favorite. Wipe Miley's nose

9:00 am: Wipe Miley's Nose. Emily, my sister in law, calls to say she is not going to bring Evan over because he got croup. Wipe Miley's nose. Call Katie, my other sister in-law, to see what she was up to. Finish my blog post from the day before. Wipe Miley's nose.

10:00 am: Wipe Miley's Nose. Pick up house, check email and facebook. Wipe Miley's nose. Call Katie to see if she wants to go to the mall and walk around with me. She says yes. 10:30 shower. Get ready. Wipe Miley's nose.

11:00 am: Clean up the house, hate coming home to a messy house. Dishes, Sweep, Pick up everything. 11:45, Katie comes over to pick me up in Sheri's, my mother in-law, Fire truck. (she has the GIANT red Ford pickup, that sounds like a Jet). We have her truck because Katie is taking Sheri's bike into the shop for her. (p.s. i told sheri the day before the bike was fine and didnt need work because Reggie had been using it, oh well) Wipe Miley's nose. Drive to a bike shop in American Fork. I live in Spanish fork. AF is like 25 minutes away. We pass 10 bike shops a long the way.

12:00 pm: get to the bike shop, Katie take it in. In the mean time Miley has fallen asleep. Poor baby :( not feeling well and I am the awful mom that insited I got out of the house today. Katie is in there for forever. Talk to Reggie. He said he wants to meet us for lunch but doesnt know where. 12:20 katie is finally done. Drive 10 more minutes to the only car wash that will take this GIANT truck. wait 10 more minutes in line. 12:40, finally in the car wash. 12:45, out and wait for the workers to dry it off. Finally 12:55 done! On the freeway call Reggie. He refuses to eat anywhere we want to. He finally gives in to eat the Cafe Rio.

1:00 pm: Driving to Cafe Rio in orem. He calls me 3 times and texts me 20 times while we are in the parking lot. We are not expert truck parkers. it took us 10 minutes to park the **** thing!
When we got in he ordered for me because he wasnt patient enough to wait for us. He got me a Pork Salad.. I wanted chicken. oh well. Eat.

2:00 pm: Finally done with lunch, Leave for the Mall. Go to Thai Pan, a home decor store, Buy a jewelry stand. walk around, let the kids play at the play place.

3:00 pm: Kids still playing. I must take a second and rant about parents. There is this girls sitting and the top of the slide and wont go down. No parent in sight. Finally the Sloppy dad walks on over the try and reason with this 2 yr old. She wont go down. If it were me I would yank my kid off, so others could go down. Well she still sat there with a line of 10 kids waiting patiently for a chance to go down the slide. He helps her slide down where she just sits at the bottom of the slide. Pick your **** kid up and move her!!!!! UGH! Parents. This poor girl looked like she had eaten way too many happy meals and had yesterdays lunch still on her face. Wipe your kids face. EWWW. The dad was wearing a BYU shirt. That explains everything :) Finally wrestle them to leave. 3:45 Back to the Dry Cleaners (Reggie's brother owns it, and Sheri mananges it) to give Sheri her turck back, switch the car seats to katies car.

4:00 pm: Leave the dry cleaners. home :) do a load of laundry. Girls just relax from their day out. Fold more laundry. Wipe Miley's nose

5:00 pm: Start to think about dinner. Wonder why my purse hadnt come in the mail yet. Decide to Make BLTs for dinner, but I have no bread. 5:30 call Reggie. no answer. 5:40 call Reggie, no answer. wait around to see if he will call me back

6:00 pm: Call reggie. No answer. Start making some bacon and French toast sticks I had for the girls. Text Reggie at 6:10 to see if he was in at meeting, he replied "yeh." Well that would have been nice to know! text him back and ask when he will be home. He does not respond. Girls spilled red juice on my barstools because they cant stay OFF the counter!!! UGH! I am so irritated that I get rid of my digusting bar stools until I can re-cover the fabric and now they will no longer have a way to get on the counter. I am sure they will find another way sooner or later. He calls at 6:27. I tell him to stop at the store for bread and milk. Finish making the bacon. He is home at 6:50. He walks in the house with no bags and on the phone. I ask where the food is and he is like oh ya, in the truck. Lame. Already irritated at my kids.

7:00 pm: Eat dinner. Still irritated. Counting down the time till I get to leave for my presidency meeting at 7:30. 7:20 Reggie gets the girls in the bath. Yay!! 7:30 is here! Leave for my meeting. At this point I dont care when the kids go to bed, as long as they are alseep before i get home.

8:00 pm: Meeting.

9:00 pm: Meeting. We have a HUGE primary about 150 active, and about 60 nursery kids. So we have a lot to deal with and plan for.

10:00 pm: Meeting still going, we are pretty much done, just talking now :)

11:00 pm: Whoops!! Is it really 11, guess we should go home! get home to Reggie still awake. He is just finishing watching lost. I am surprised he is still awake. 11:20 go get into bed.
get on Reggies lap top.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12:00 am: Sleep

1:00 am: Sleep
2:00 am: Sleep
3:00 am: Sleep
4:00 am: Sleep
5:00 am: Sleep
6:00 am: Sleep, Reggie up at 6:45 for work
7:00 am: Sleep
8:00 am: Wake up to Miley, changer her soaking diaper. Get her some milk. Lay on the couch and Cuddle for a while.
9:00 am: Maggie up and change her diaper. Feed both girls breakfast, fight again over Turkey Sandwiches, I win, they eat cereal. Jump on the computer, and think about how I have nothing planned for the day.

10:00 am: Get a text From a neighbor needing me to watch her little boy, I say YES! Something to do today. Make Beds (p.s. love my new sheets, so soft :) and get house picked up. Maggie bugs me for a turkey Sandwich again. Well tough luck girl! I am out of bread. Her and Miley both get slices of turkey and cheese for a mid morning snack.

11:00am: Go to the bank, girls must have a sucker. Home, eat lunch around 11:45. Do a load of laundry.

12:00 pm: cant really remember what i did... oh ya I ordered a purse from Zappos. I have to do sharing time on sunday, so i looked on the internet for some good ideas and looked thru books. 12:45 carter comes over! He is sooo stinking cute! Just love that little boy. He is right between my 2 girls so the all play really well .

1:00 pm: Kids playing really well.. don't even notice Carter is at my house. Put dinner in the crockpot. (chicken with spinach and artichoke dip poured on top.. sounded good??) 1:30 Carters mom is back. 1:45 leave for a different bank for Reggie.

2:00 pm: Meet Reggie at the gas station, go to the bank. Miley has fallen asleep now. Hope she will stay asleep when I transfer her to her crib.... 2:30 home... Miley wakes up, But I put her in bed hoping she will go back to sleep.

3:00 pm: Miley still talking in her crib, Maggie decided to stand by Miley's door and talk to her. Thanks Maggie! Miley is up! Down to the computer again. Back up stairs Dont remember much of this hour...

4:00 pm: Get the bright idea to take the girls outside. The sun is very deceiving. Looks warm... oh but its not! Get Miley dressed warm, Fight with Maggie. She insists on wearing her Minnie Mouse SUN dress, flip flops, and a light jacket. We argue for 15 minutes until I tell her she cant come out of her room until she is dressed warm with pants, shoes and socks, and a WARM jacket. 4:30, she gives in. Finally outside to play. I get a text from Reggie saying he has to go do Baptisms with the Young Men. Dang, there goes my chance of going to the Gym. We walk down the street to a "park." (its a big hole in the neighborhood) Play with the girls, roll down the hill, and i pull them in the wagon and hike back up. Since I didn't go to the gym, I figured this would be my workout. Finally convince the girls its time togo.

5:00 pm: Called Reggie, Called Reggie again, Called Reggie again. No answer. Start our trek home. See a sad dog, he must be really old, the girls stop and say hi for probably 10 minutes, run to the house of the dog owner, they doorbell ditch, (well they ran up to the a house, miley knocked and Maggie rang to doorbell, i quickly chased after them so they wouldn't door bell ditch, and brought them back to the wagon) Reggie calls! I beg him to come pick us up because at this moment I feel like I will never get home. He says he will be there in 3 minutes. 3 minutes pass and we have made it 10 feet on our walk. Reggie shows up. He had just gotten out of the shower, no wonder he didnt answer my many phone calls to him. Girls into the car, I finish the walk home by pulling the wagon and Maggie's Bike. Fight the girls to go inside the house. Reggie finishes getting ready. 5:25 he leaves. I make some rice to go with dinner. Turned our OK. Nothing i would ever make again. Cleaned up

6:00 pm: Hung out with the girls, Played, watched some TV, Dont really know what else we did.

7:00 pm: Still hanging out. 7:30 in the tub. PJ's on and time for reading. Read lots of books. 7:59 Reggie calls saying he is on his way home.

8:00 pm: Miley in bed. 8:15 lay with Maggie and read more books trying to get her in bed. 8:50 Reggie home. Ya, i thought the Provo temple is only 15 minutes aways... oh ya thats right, they stopped and the BYU creamery... lame. He didn't bring me home anything :( Maggie still talking in her bed, Reggie goes in and brings her out! Thanks, all my hard work to keep her in there and make her fall asleep did not pay off! Start American Idol.

9:00 pm: More AI :) Maggie still awake, 9:40 Maggie in bed, she is still awake, but i tell her i will be right back to lay down with her. Check back on her in 2 minutes and she is out.

10:00 pm: Watch 24 on Reggie's Lap top. 10:45 Sleep.

11:00 pm: sleep.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Feb 8, 2010

12 am: sleep

1 am: sleep
2 am: sleep
3 am: sleep
4 am: sleep
5 am: sleep, 5:45 Reggie up to go to the gym.
6 am: sleep 6:45, Reggie home and showers
7 am: sleep Reggie leaves for work.

8 am: sleep till 8:30, and both girls are still alseep! Maggie up at about 8:45 (she slept in her bed the entire night!)

9 am: Miley up, change diapers. fight with Maggie about breakfast. She says she wants a Turkey Sandwich. I say no. They both get cereal. I eat Chocolate Cheerios! Yum! and good for you :) Call the gym to schedule a time for the daycare. Call Katie to see if she wants to come. she says yes. hurry and get the girls ready. fight again with Maggie over her outfit. Finally she is in something decent. Load in the car and off to the gym.
10 am: Drop girls off at the gyms daycare. they went just fine. Worked out.
11 am: still working out. Go get the girls around 11:20, once they see me they both start crying, but they were just fine when i got there... weird. Head home. Reggie calls and says he needs his Birth Certificate and SS card for his CDL license ... So i head to Orem with 2 starving girls and meet him.

12 pm: Head back home and stop at Mcdonalds. Let the girls play and have lunch, 12:45 home, and head downstairs to the computer.

1 pm: sitting on the computer, Shopping on ZAppos, Facebooking, Blogging, and checking Emails, while the girls are destroying the basement, going thru old clothes. I am a bad mom, just ignoring them letting them do whatever. oh well.

2pm: Wow, still on the computer... Put Bolt on for Maggie, Put Miley down for a nap, head back to the computer to read more blogs and i decide to start this wonderful idea of blogging about my days! lets see if i can keep this up!
3 pm: Realize its 3 and i am wasting my day away... So go clean my Bathrooms. I have to be sneaky about this. I cant let Maggie know i am cleaning, or else she will insist on helping me only to make my cleaning process that much longer. I deceived her for only 10 minutes. While cleaning i realized some important details i left on my blog post, so I immediately go to the computer and make the changes.. Back to cleaning. 3:40 miley wakes up... did she even sleep for an hour?? Maybe for as long Bolt was on, so I guess that was good enough.

4 pm: Finally make it to clean the girls bathroom. Get that done while I put on Monster House. I know, I am terrible I let my girls watch too much TV, only so I can get things done, But it usually doesn't work. They feel they have the need to be at my hip 24/7. Dust the entire house. do a load of laundry, start my movie I rented friday night (Love Happens) fold laundry (if I am watching something on TV i get it folded much faster). 4:45 maggie wont stop bugging me for a turkey sandwich. Guess she didn't eat much Mcdonalds. Pause my movie and I make both girls a sandwich. (they ate the entire thing)

5 pm: Finish folding laundry, get it put away. Get Vacuum out and Hallelujah! Reggie walks in the door about 5:20! He plays with the girls while I vacuum the entire house. Find him in the kitchen searching for something to eat. I had not planned dinner cuz I was too busy blogging and cleaning. I eat left over dips (salsa, cheese ball, and spinach artichoke dip) and Reggie eats 3 frozen burritos. (i know you are thinking we are so healthy:) I promise I do cook most every night!!

6 pm: Finish eating and clean up "dinner." Reggie get the girls in the bath while I run out to Ross to get some much needed sheets! (we have a big fat hole in ours). stop at the gas station to buy a bottle of water and ended up getting popcorn too :) I spend lots of time looking around for things I don't need. I am proud of my shopping trip. I bought Sheets, 2 pillows, and a board to hold the girls hair clips :)

7 pm: I walk to TJ max to see if I missed out on anything there, but nah. I do like to shop at stores like Ross and TJ Max, but I am just not a digger... i can never find great things. Head back home to find Reggis asleep on the couch and both girls awake! The girls immediatly dig into my bags assuming they got something. Well, they sorta got something (the clip holder) and were actually pretty excited to put their clips on it!

8 pm: Miley to bed! She cries for about 5 minutes, but then gives up and falls asleep :) Wash my NEW sheets. Start my movie back up with Maggs by my side. 8:45, Maggies sheets were dry, so I put her bed back together. Switch my sheets to the dryer, back to the couch with Maggs and listen to Reggie snore on the couch and watch my movie. ( I will not explain Maggie's sleeping habits. She has been like this since the day she was born. Never on a schedule and I dont think she will ever be. Partially my fault. But I really blame Reggie. She is stubborn just like him)

9 pm: Still watching movie and Maggie is still awake. 9:20, Maggie asks me to go lay down with her in her bed, so i put her in bed and she is out in 2 minutes. Quickly put my new sheets on the bed, perfect timing because Reggie just slept walked into our room. Back to my movie. finally finished at 9:50. Not as good as I thought. Waste of my $4. Then Down to the computer to blog.

10 pm: Blog, check Face book, and check my email. Finally Shower for the day :)

11 pm: sleep

Sunday, Feb 7, 2010

K, So My sister in-law is amazing. She had inspired me to to blog about my days this week. So sorry if you get bored :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

12 am: watching pointless late night tv, and finally go to bed.
1 am: sleep
2 am: sleep
3 am: sleep
4 am: sleep
5 am: Maggie's usual late night stroll into our room, and I am so tired, that I pick her up and put her in our bed, but it takes me a good 45 minutes to go back to sleep. I am debating in my mind to go set out butter and cream cheese so it will be soft for when i get up to make a cheese ball for the Superbowl....
6 am: sleep
7 am: sleep

8 am: Thankfully my kids like to sleep in past 8 usually, so this morning in am up at 8:15 to find everyone STILl asleep and reggie to be missing. He usually goes to the couch when maggie gets in our bed, but he wasn't there. I then find him in Maggie's Bed. Miley and Maggie both up soon after.

9am: Reggie gets a call from the Young Mens president saying that there are enough men to do fast offerings, so reggie agrees to go do this, leaving me home alone till church to feed the girls, get me and 2 girls ready for church and make a cheese ball. So i start by making the cheese ball.

10 am: Cheese ball Finished I hurry and do the girls hair and fight with maggie on what to wear. She is very difficult when it comes to this. She only wants to wear MILEY's Pajamas. Erg. But I win of course and she wears a cute dress. In the mean time I am praying reggie will be able to come home soon to occupy the girls while I finish getting ready. 10:20 in the shower, luckily I washed my hair the day before, so that took off 30 minutes of getting ready time. I tell the girls to get their church bag, they bring it to me and proceed to dump everything out in my bathroom. eerrg!!! REGGIE REALLY NEEDS TO GET HOME! i hurry and put everything back, throw on a skirt and top, run a brush through my hair and out the door by 10:50. K, so my church is a block away, so you would think leaving at 10:58 would be fine, but leaving at 10:50 is LATE! you cant find a seat. (there are almost 650 people in our ward, and 150 primary kids) So here I am driving my husbands lifted truck, wearing high heels and trying to get 2 kids out of it and both of them wanting to walk and doddle through the parking lot! UGH, not happy with Reggie right about now. Finally make it into church, luckily hasn't started yet, so i see 2 rows in the soft seats open, walk up holding 2 big bags ( i am in the primary presidency so 1 bag for primary stuff and 1 for the girls crap they need to keep them occupied for the hour of sacrament) dragging my girls behind me, only to find that those seats are saved by people not there yet!!! HATE THAT!!!! so I walk back to the hard seats sit down, only to find my children escaping out the doors as i chase them both down the hall SO MAD! Reggie still no where to be found. Back in the sacrament room, sit down and how conveniently Reggie walked in.

11 am: Ask Reggie for the key to my car to go get my lipstick. (my lips felt naked and i don't feel complete without it on) Sacrament meeting started. Kids were actually good for the most part. Since it was fast Sunday Maggie asked if i was "gonna go up there" I said no. (she doesnt understand why people are going up there :) She asked the strangers behind us if they were "gonna go up there" they laughed and said no :) she asked me about 4 other times, I said no:) Miley got a little out of hand, Reggie took her out for "time out" she came back in like an angel :)

12 pm: Testimony meeting still going. Escape during the closing hymn with Miley to go help set up Primary. CRAZY! There are sooo many kids. Take girls to Nursery. Secretary tells me she is sick, so i take over her jobs for the day. Walking up and down halls in heels is a great work out just so you know!
1 pm: More secretary stuff.

2 pm: Church is over! get girls hand them to Reggie. Stop and help clean up primary only to find Reggie left with both of the bags which had my keys in it!! So i find my neighbor and ask for a ride. Get in her car while reggie pulls up with my keys :) guess he didn't forget! Get home and start making food for superbowl with my brother. Make Salsa and Spinach Artichoke Dip! DELICIOUS!! Try and lay miley down, only to realize we would be leaving soon for the game, so she gets out of her nap!

3 pm: Clean up, eat, and sit for a minute!
4 pm: Get everything together and leave for Chad and Kelli's house for the game. kickoff started and watch the Superbowl!
5 pm: so from here on out dont remember exact details, just watching the game!
6 pm: more game
7 pm: more game..... Only to find the SAINTS WIN!!!! YAY!!! So happy :) I am a big Reggie Bush fan :) head home fighting the girls
8 pm: Get the kids ready for bed Miley is beat... But screams for 15 minutes in her crib until Reggie goes and gets her. SHe falls asleep in his arms. (sucker) Maggie wont stop bugging me for a turkey sandwich, so i make her one and she eats the entire thing. Guess she was hungary. I pick up the house and CLEAN my kitchen.

9 pm: Branden leaves, I say i am going to bed. Get in bed, Reggie brings maggie into our room!!!!!!!!! she is still awake and he doesnt want to put her in her bed cuz she will cry and wake up miley! lame. Miley wakes up crying anyway (think she is just tooo exhausted) I go lay in MAGGIEs bed with her and fall alseep.

10 pm: sleep, only to wake up and put Miley in her crib, go back to my bed, get Maggie and put her in her bed :)
11 pm: sleep.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots of Posts done today!

So I am tired and I want to go to bed. So I decided to not do separate posts and just put the rest of my random pictures on one post! (read on, there are 2 more posts after this one! I know you are super excited to see them!)

I have to explain the next 3 Pictures. I was going through all the girls baby clothes for my sis Kiahna who just had a beautiful new baby girl, and Maggie found some that she liked! These are all 0-12 month sizes!!!! The pants are 0-3 months... she is a twig!

you can see where the top is suppose to snap at the bottom where that V is! If I was more creative, I would try and find a picture of her in that sweater when she was 6 months old.. but nah...

They Love the snow!

Their Christmas Dresses!! I must say, EVERYONE at church thought they were the most adorable girls! EVERYONE kept complimenting me on their skirts! Someone even asked if I made them... hahahahahaha


Ok, So forgive me for not being a very good Blogger and Mom. We spent Christmas in cali, and after our trip to Disneyland my camera battery was dead and I didnt have the Charger, so Christmas morning was just recorded on video camera. So here are some before Christmas pictures. They are all of Maggie because I was not going to make Toffee with Miley awake! Maggie was such a great helper and had a lot of fun! Her knew thing is Singing! She loves to sing Best of Both Worlds! She has that song down- and she will always have a mic in her hand while doing it!

She took this picture by herself! (you can see her arms sticking out holding the camera!)
Future Candy Maker!

Christmas at Disneyland!

The Start of our Magical day!

Classic tram ride to the park!

Love the Christmas decor, It made the
Trip that much more amazing! Uncle Branden
also came along for the ride!

The Picture does not do the castle justice!

Please dont hate on the leashes! We didnt have a stroller (i know we cold have rented one) and I was not going to risk losing my child in that mad house!
They loved every minute of the tea cups!

The castle all lite up! It was so MAGICAL! and I cant even describe the fireworks... WOW!!!
Haunted Mansion!

By this point, Maggie was sooo exhausted.. but she managed to come up with these adorable cheesy smiles! The last ride of the day of DUMBO!

Loved these pictures of miley- She looks so little in Dumbo!