Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots of Posts done today!

So I am tired and I want to go to bed. So I decided to not do separate posts and just put the rest of my random pictures on one post! (read on, there are 2 more posts after this one! I know you are super excited to see them!)

I have to explain the next 3 Pictures. I was going through all the girls baby clothes for my sis Kiahna who just had a beautiful new baby girl, and Maggie found some that she liked! These are all 0-12 month sizes!!!! The pants are 0-3 months... she is a twig!

you can see where the top is suppose to snap at the bottom where that V is! If I was more creative, I would try and find a picture of her in that sweater when she was 6 months old.. but nah...

They Love the snow!

Their Christmas Dresses!! I must say, EVERYONE at church thought they were the most adorable girls! EVERYONE kept complimenting me on their skirts! Someone even asked if I made them... hahahahahaha


Ok, So forgive me for not being a very good Blogger and Mom. We spent Christmas in cali, and after our trip to Disneyland my camera battery was dead and I didnt have the Charger, so Christmas morning was just recorded on video camera. So here are some before Christmas pictures. They are all of Maggie because I was not going to make Toffee with Miley awake! Maggie was such a great helper and had a lot of fun! Her knew thing is Singing! She loves to sing Best of Both Worlds! She has that song down- and she will always have a mic in her hand while doing it!

She took this picture by herself! (you can see her arms sticking out holding the camera!)
Future Candy Maker!

Christmas at Disneyland!

The Start of our Magical day!

Classic tram ride to the park!

Love the Christmas decor, It made the
Trip that much more amazing! Uncle Branden
also came along for the ride!

The Picture does not do the castle justice!

Please dont hate on the leashes! We didnt have a stroller (i know we cold have rented one) and I was not going to risk losing my child in that mad house!
They loved every minute of the tea cups!

The castle all lite up! It was so MAGICAL! and I cant even describe the fireworks... WOW!!!
Haunted Mansion!

By this point, Maggie was sooo exhausted.. but she managed to come up with these adorable cheesy smiles! The last ride of the day of DUMBO!

Loved these pictures of miley- She looks so little in Dumbo!