Monday, September 15, 2008

No Kids Allowed!

Reggie And Me and Miley at Rainbow Bridge

So this past week reggie and I had the opportunity to go to Lake Powell on an adults only trip (with the exception of miley!) We had a blast with his family! We got tan, tubed and wakeboarded all weekend and played Rock Band on the WII till late everynight! It was so much fun and Can't wait till next year when i can leave miley too! Hopefully we wont have another kid by then!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


My next door neighbor and I decided to go have lunch and take the kids to feed the ducks. Although it was a little cold the kids had a blast and Maggie had no fear whatsoever. She scared me few times because I thought she was gonna fall in the water. I tried so hard to get a cute picture of her and Cole, but it didnt work out!


Feeding the ducks her chips.... Very Healthy!


I realized that a lot of my posts do not include Miley. So here are just some pics of my sweet baby girl. She is almost 5 months old! I can't believe how fast this summer went by... Doesn't she look just like Reggie.. Thats a good thing right?

All by herself!

Maggie decided that she wanted to get herself dressed today! (sorry the pitures are a little blury, my camera is not the best) I just love that little girl so much! I dont go a day without laughing at something she did!

Already Reading

Maggies new found favorite thing to do is to look at books. So she decided to sit in her walker and read a book. I didnt get my camera out in time so this was all I got on tape!