Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reason #2 For Why I Need a CAMERA!

So I was getting ready this morning to go out with my friend Amy and her adorable boys to go to Jumpin' Jacks,  and my house is VERY quiet.  Which is completely not normal for 2 girls that are 2 and 1.   I walk through the hallway shouting "Maggie, what are you doing?"  I hear a pound on the floor (which was her jumping off the counter,  I know she is crazy.)  I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was getting a cup and a straw because she was thirsty. 

 (this is why she was thirsty) 

I then look at her face to see that she is covered in chocolate.  HMMM I think to myself.  Then I look at the counter and there lies a plate full of Hershey's Chocolate syrup and the syrup bottle itself.  The little stinker had opened the fridge all by herself which I had no clue she could do and climbed in and got the bottle out herself.  This is why I need a CAMERA!!!  I am always catching my kids hiding in corners with things they shouldn't have, such as gum.  (Later that day I found the 2 of them in the corner squirting hand sanitizer all over themselves.)  They are soo very sneaky!  I just need to capture these moments on camera!

So I told Maggie that she needs to ask for things, she said "but mommy I 'wike' chocolate."  - I know Maggie, I do to. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So this summer has flown by and I realized I have been neglecting my blog only because I don't have a decent camera! Many of you have been able to see some pictures thanks to my sisters camera, but all of the blurry ones are from a camera/video camera combo. So here is a little history on the cameras in our family:

-Reggie bought me my first digital pocket camera when we were dating in December of '04. Since Maggie has been born.. the camera has gone to crap because Reggie used it for work. We were able to replace it but it takes like 5 years to take a picture, so by the time the picture is actually taken its blurry cuz the kids have moved, and it just doesnt work any more.
-Camera 2 was purchased by Reggie again (another point and shoot.) A red one to be exact. That camera has also been used for work. And that camera still is a piece of crap.
-For my birthday on '08 Reggie purchased a video camera. It works GREAT for video taping, but the pictures are crap. Its not even worth posting a picture cuz you cant even tell who is in it.
-I for sure though Christmas of '08 was my year to get an awesome camera.. dont care what brand, just as long as it was a big and nice one and when you clicked to take the picture it would immediately take it. When Christmas morning came I watched Reggie open presents and I didnt open a single present (don't worry, reggie has gotten enough crap for that Christmas, valentines, and Mothers day. Lets hope he has learned his lesson.) So later Christmas morning Reggie proceeds to tell me that store did not have to camera and it is being shipped so it should be here in the next week. Well I hate to tell you Reggie, but you either lied or the post office lost it! Still aint here!!!!!!!!

Well of course when I bug Reggie about getting a camera, he blames ME for all the camera problems.

Will you PLEASE tell him that a video camera is not a camera? And the RED camera was purchased for work??? I think I will have a much cuter blog and everyone will be able to see my 2 beautiful girls!!! Maybe ill even digi scrap!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I have no title

This week I will be going to California for a funeral of a family friend.  Debbie Austin passed away on July 30.  She was only 21.   This tragic loss has come as a shock to all and is extremely upsetting for me because it is my best friends (Leslie's) little sister. 

Here are some fond memories from our childhood of the 3 of us girls:

-Playing Box car "girls" in your front yard.
-Debbie always got first pick of "poobies" aka little people (poobies is an Austin nickname.)
-Playing mermaids in the pool and soo many other fun games. 
-How debbie always managed to get out of the hardest saturday chores, and Leslie having to do her own chores on top of Debbie's.
-Me and Debbie locking Leslie in her room using a Nintendo remote control cord.  And then later got a lecture from her Dad on "what is means to be a friend/sister."
-Leslie, Debbie, and Me singing in the ward talent show all wearing the same outfit. (cant remember the song.. what was it leslie?) I have a picture to prove it!  
-How you always made us watch a home video of you when you were like 3 at Big meadow being soo cute.
-All the memories of girls camp and family camp at Big Meadow.
-Trick or Treating with you every year in the Austins neighborhood.
-All those saturday BYU games we spent at our house. Everytime we would hear the adults scream really loud , we all would do the same even though we had no clue what was going on in the game :)
-Making the FUNNIEST movies with Adam, Leslie, Debbie, and Me.
-You never getting into trouble, it was always Leslie's fault.
-Spending the night at your house on the Eve of Christmas Eve.
-The thousands of night you spent at my house.
-The thousands of nights I spent at your house.
-Late night runs to Taco Bell in high school.
-Going to Rite Aid to buy stuff to decorate Leslie and Keiths car for their wedding, and returning to the church to find out that some one else was already doing it LOL.
-Being the best wedding book/gift taker at my wedding.
-The last phone call I got from you was when  I was in bakersfield (in May) and you were giving me a hard time for not coming to visit you... oh how I wish I did. 

Debbie I loved ya girl!  You would do anything for anyone.  You had a heart of Gold.  I am going to miss you so very much, You were the little sister I never had.  I know that I will one day be able to see you again.  Until we meet again.