Monday, May 23, 2011

Pre-School Graduation!

My baby graduated from her first year of Pre School :(
She is growing up way too fast!
She is so sassy and so smart!
Her teacher just loved her and said she was very popular in her class!
That-a girl maggs!! :)

Her class sang a few songs, it was adorable!

She has some amazing teachers and I am So excited for next year for Pre K!

Cousin Evan also graduated, as well as my soon to be sister in law's little boy, Mason, but they left before we could grab a picture together!

I am Super excited for fall for this little bugger to start her first year of Pre School,
and boy is she so excited!!!

Branden Became and Officer!

A few weeks ago, my brother graduation from University of Utah and from the ROTC program .
He became an Officer in the Army!
Go Branden!!

My Mom and Marina (his fiance) gave him his pins.

My Brother Nathan flew in from Seattle to swear him into the Army!
So cool, never realized I would have both of my brothers serving
in the Military!

Happy Easter!

Girls woke up Easter sunday to their baskets, filled with some toys, candy and their
new Easter Dresses! They had no idea that they were going to wake up to anything!
They were so excited!! The girls were already up with Reggie for about an hour and I for sure thought they had already seen their baskets, but they didn't even notice them until I pointed them out to them!

Some pictures just before church!

Easter Egg hunt at Aunt Kara's house! Easter bunny brought the girls some toys and a Bathing Suit!!


These girls are the joy of my life! They surprise me everyday with something new, and they are the best of friends!
Love love love them!!!
(even though some days you drive me nuts!! )


Words really can not describe how much fun we had in Maui, Hawaii, I only wish we had taken more pictures! Days were spent laying by the pool ordering drink after drink lol! The Chocolate Shake was my Favorite for this pregnant momma!

At my very first Luau!
Dallas and Kara

This was the day Reggie decided to be embarassing at the adult only pool! He was out of control!

The 6 of us headed to dinner and a magic show!
Reggie, Kyla, Dallas, Kara, Jo, Neil! We had so much fun with everyone!!

It was such a nice getaway for the week! Reggie and I havn't been anywhere since our honeymoon! A much Needed vacation before baby Diesel arrives in august!!

Miley's 3rd Birthday!

Miley woke up to her presents and quickly opened them!
She got PINK clothes and a LA LA Loopsy doll!

We Spent the day at The Hogle Zoo and had a blast with all our cousins!

That night we had family over for some pizza and cake!!

Love that little girl to death! She is such a joy and is one spunky little Red Head!