Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick kids

Miley's new love, her two middle fingers. I took her to the doctor today because she had a cold. Turned out, she has a little ear infection. On thursday we are flying to cali, so I hope that by then her ear infection will be gone and the plane ride wont be to terrible for her! Maggie is also kinda sick she is teething! awww!
I also thought I would throw this picture in. I caught Maggie in the swing with Miley. I just know they are going to be best friends!


kanabanana said...

Love it, she is so cute, and she is looking more like you! My first clues to ear infections are when their sleeping patterns are disturbed, and of course overall crabbiness. She might have inherited the nasty ear genes from our side of the family...only time will tell.

The Wolff Pack said...

Kiahna and I have that psychic friends network thing going on I guess. Either that or we are like minded (maybe a a little of both) I was also thinking how much the baby is looking like you before clicking on the comments.