Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little over due

Maggie eating some oreo's Yummy!
Reggie and Me on our way to the Logan Open House, with out the Kids!
Maggie got into my makeup! Doesnt She look beautiful?

Sorry all of my loyal bloggers... Life has been so busy! Before even Halloween my sister in-law had her baby boy Drew, Reggie's Brother Rowdy got married, and This thanksgiving we were able to go to my hometown of Bakersfield and visit with my fam! Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of that trip! I stayed for over a week and made candy with my sister, mom and grandma, and went to visited my other sister and her family in Ridgecrest! It was such a fun trip! Ever since i have been back, life has been on the go. When I got back, it was up to Logan, UT for Rowdy and Katie's Open House, Then I finally got all of my decorations up (that was dec 7, a little late there.) Visited with Santa at the mall, and just catching up on everything! But this time of year is always so fun. It is always filled with memories, and most importantly, the Savior. Have I mentioned I have not done one ounce of Christmas Shopping?!?!?


kanabanana said...

Maybe you will be able to do some shopping in Las Vegas! Are the girls going with you?

And for peets sake ask Santa to buy you a new camera!

Amy Kohler said...

Your girls are so big! We do need to get together. I'm trying to plan something with Kerstin too so maybe we can do one all together!

Emily said...

Kyla I dont know how you get anything done with Magg's running around. I can't wait to watch them today if you will ever get here...!
Your Loyal Reader,