Monday, March 23, 2009

2 and 24!

These past two weeks we have been celebrating Maggies 2nd Birthday! This girl is spoiled! We went to California for a week while Reggie was in Mexico (thankfully he made it back safely!) While in Cali we went to the Happiest Place on Earth!! We had a blast! Trying to get her to get off the rides was a nightmare, but she was a trooper the entire day. Luckily we never lost her thanks to my handy Monkey Leash! Then we celebrated Trevor's 3rd, Maggies 2nd, and Miley's 1st Birthdays with family and friends! What a blast! Then on the day of her birthday (the 18th) we went to an awesome indoor pool in lehi and Chuck E Cheese that night! She was worn out. But of course the party didn't stop there, the next day we went to The Hogle Zoo with Emily, Talina, and their kids, and Kerri and Taycee! We had a lot of fun chasing those kids around. Maggie loved everything about it! Friday was my birthday and Reggie took me out to a yummy Restaurant in Heber and surprised me by inviting some of our great friends! What a night! He also got me some awesome gifts :). The week ended with Maggie's party at home. We rolled out the Red Carpet for our special guest Hannah Montana! (thanks em ;) THanks everyone for all of the gifts! Maggie Loves all the Hannah stuff, the Clothes and the Slides!! Thanks a million! It was so much fun! I think we are officially Hannah Montanaed out! Oh an Miley is walking!

Oh P.S. My camera is not the best sorry! If you are friends with my sister Kendra on Facebook, she has more pics of Disneyland and my cali trip!


Kerri Russell said...

Two birthdays down and one to go! So what are you going to do for Miley?

jessamyn said...

Happy Birthday to the Hakes ladies!! And Miley is walking!? Didn't I just see her two days ago? Man things always happen overnight! It was an awesome birthday party, and Maggie is a doll!

kanabanana said...

Looks and sounds like a blast!! You really need to get a new camera! But for now you can try editing and fixing your contrast using Picasa3 by Google, it is free!

Erin Tarwater said...

sounds like a lot of birthday fun in a short amount of time! Maggie is seriously SO cute, and her hair has gotten so long!! We heard you guys are coming down here soon, can't wait to see you!

Vanessa said...

Hi, Kyla!
Love the pix!! I'm so sorry I called you the wrong name today at Costco. I think I was totally wrung out with the big crowds and all the free samples.

Talk to ya soon!