Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Lights and Snow!

K, So I had Reggie convinced that Christmas Lights must go up on our house! Yeah! We have never had them, and living in Utah you need to get them up early or else you are putting them up in this! Reggie started at noon that day. It was nice out side, but in a matter of minutes it got way ugly! Blizzard! It was too funny cuz i couldnt get him to stop, he said he already had them out, so he was going to do it!(I really wish I had a picture of that!) He is soo stubborn. Well he got 1 strand up and quit. To Freakin cold. Our neighbor was supposed to be helping earlier, but he was too busy watching the BYU football game. But later that night Reg decided to tackle the job and finish it, with the help of our neighbor! Thanks! The kids had a blast playing in our first snow of the year!

Reggie up there, Cant see him that well

Maggs loved the snow!

Maggs and Ty

Our Neighbors Sweet girl, who is Mileys
age, Brianna. She is sooo adorable! Just love
that little girl!

All 4 Kids!


Kerri Russell said...

uh man. It's already snowing?! I got rid of my snow boots, and I just have my uggs.

kanabanana said...

I just want cold weather! That is so crazy how a blizzard comes on like that!

The Fishback's said...

They look so cute all bundled up! That crazy snow and now look it is all melted. So fun!