Friday, January 14, 2011

Sheri and Mikes Reception!

2 days after Christmas we got to Celebrate Mike and Sheri's Marriage!! We had so much fun dancing, eating, being with family, and especially getting to see what outrageous things Reggie will wear and Do! He wore a cowboy hat, crazy suit from guatemala that he got on his mission, a blue shirt and a Texas Longhorns tie... anyway, he always makes us laugh! Just love him to pieces, I am so lucky :) He also surprised us with some karaoke! I have some pics of Elvis, and sheri and mike, and Video from the reception, but its on my new iphone reggie got me, and I am not good about uploading stuff from it to the computer... Maybe someday I will learn!

Drew, just love his curly hair!
Kids Dancing away!! .

THe boys being cool!


Kiahna Williams said...

Reggie is a nerd!! Love his outfit. Someday we should have Eric wear his Ghanian outfit.

jessamyn said...

I absolutely love that picture of you and Reggie.