Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lake Powell

Dallas Sky Skiing like 100 feet behind the boat. The guys thought
That it was hilarious. Maybe dangerous?!!?
(You can barely see the rope in the water, They tied like 5 ropes
Together to make it that long)

Dallas i think! He is still alive

Reggie and Chad... Not sure how high the cliff was.
Reggie cliff jumping again.

They like to push people off the boat, I guess its funny?!?

THe whole week this is what they did to make us laugh!

I jumped off this one! Thats as high as I would go!

No Kids. Lots of Fun. Thats all there is to say :)


jessamyn said...

looks like a blast!! love your blog design! Does this mean Reggie caved and got you a camera?

Kelsie Maher said...

Someone got a camera!!!! :)

Kyla said...

no camera :( those are pics sent by our friends that went... i wish!

Erin Tarwater said...

okay, seriously, what can we do to bribe you guys to let us come with you next time???

Amy Kohler said...

It's amazing it can be that warm just a few hours south from here! What a fabulous trip!

Nathan said...

ummmmmmm...where are the kids?

Nathan said...

20 days since your last post. Come one...get with it

Kyla said...

my kids were with mom nathan, and i dont have a camera so bloggin is boring without pictures