Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sorry for no posts!

I hate posting without pictures. I think my blog is boring already and that no one wants to read it, just see the pictures.. Anyway! My camera battery is dead, and i cant find the charger, so i hope to have it ready for Maggie's 3rd bday!! Can't believe she is gonna be 3!! (is it me, or do you hate the fact that blogger doesn't automatically capitalize your "I" s and the first word after a period?!?!) We are currently under construction at my house. My amazing husband, the carpenter, put bead board up in Maggie's room, so hopefully I will have my house back in order for saturday. But i am not getting my hopes up. He really has done an awesome job for not really knowing what to do. I am in desperate need of a house cleaner. I got rid of mine about a year ago, and have been really good about it every week. Since it is my birthday week i think a phone call to my cleaing lady wouldnt hurt!

I have a new favorite show. Modern family. It is absolutely hilarious. I thought that the gay couple would totally bother me and turn me off, but they are too stinkin funny. Oh wow. How i love that show.

Scary incident happend to me yesterday. I was in my room on my computer just looking up cake ideas for Maggie's Birthday Cake, and i Hear the garbage disposal go on and a Bloody scream. My hearts beats out of my chest immediatly and throw the computer off of me . I ran to the kitchen as fast I could to find Miley standing in the sink. 3 spoons were going crazy in the disposal. She was absolutely terrified as was I. It took us both about 20 mintues to calm down. All i could think about was what if her foot slipped in there or her hand?? I immediatly said a prayer of thanks to my Heavenly Father that nothing traumatic happened to her. I have been feeling sick about it ever since.

Well i am rambling. Life is great and we are just so happy. I love my girls to death and they are my joy. I have the most amazing husband in the world, and i need to tell me him that more. We have been so blessed to stay some -what busy in this terrible economy. I have nothing to complain about. And i dont think i should ever complain about anything. I have so many things to be grateful for and they out-weigh the bad.

My goal this week- Think Positive.


n8, kris10, and scout said...

Call me over and we will have a cleaning party!!!

kanabanana said...

You rock...loved this post! And I totally read your blog even without pictures. My heart skipped a beat when reading about the garbage disposal. Glad that cute girl is safe!

Brooke said...

I agree with Kiahna. Sometimes a post without pictures is nice; it helps to focus on the words. (And you had a great message here!)

I would have DIED with that disposal incident. My heart is still beating hard after reading it. So scary.

The Razz Fam said...

Holy smokes! I am so glad nothing happened to her either! Oh my gosh, its a scary thought! I hope we are home in time for Maggie's party, its crazy she is 3 already, I agree :D

Love your post

Mel said...

Glad to hear it was only spoons in that disposal! That is TOO scary for words! Why the heck were her little toesies near the sink? My heart is beating just thinking of that.

Modern Family is my favorite show. I think it is hilarious. Manny is my favorite character. That little kid is adorable.

Have fun at Maggie and Mommy's birthday on Saturday!