Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

12:00 am: Still sitting on the computer. 12:50 go to sleep.
1:00 am: Sleep.
2:00 am: Sleep.
3:00 am: Sleep.
4:00 am: Sleep.
5:00 am: Sleep
6:00 am: Sleep
7:00 am: Sleep.

8:00 am: Miley Wakes up first. Change her diaper, get her some milk. We cuddle. She asks for Reggie probably 15 times every morning. She eventually gives up after I give her the same response every time. 8:20 Maggie is up. Feed them Cereal. They make a mess.

9:00 am: Really dont remember much of this morning. All a blur. I am pretty sure Maggie watches Dora and the girls fight over their bikes i let them bring in the house. Do my daily blog post. Thats about it.

10:00 am: Call Katie to see what her plans are for the day and asked her if she would go to Gracie Lou's Quilt shop with me. She said yes so i hoped in the shower. ready by 10:45. Leave to go get Katie.

11:00 am: At Gracie Lou's. Cutest Shop ever!! I could spend all day there and be perfectly happy. Chased Miley around to make sure she didn't destroy too much. I find some adorable fabric to make a car seat cover and "pillow case" dresses for the girls. 11:45 leave and take Katie home.

12:00 pm: Reggie is home when we get there, very exciting. I drop off the girls get lunch started at run to the gas station real quick for a Diet Pepsi. Finish Lunch, Reggie Leaves. Clean up the Kitchen so I can start on my project.

1:00 pm: Miley down for her nap. More Dora on for Maggie. Maggie then discovers that I am laying out fabric and insists she helps me. So I let her play with some scraps and get to work on my car seat canopy. So for the next 3 hours I am sewing..

2:00 pm: Get paints set and princess color stuff out for her, occupies her for about an hour. I am just sewing, sewing, sewing.

3:00 pm: More Sewing. Reggie comes home to work in the basement.

4:00 pm: Miley is up. Here is where all my trouble begins.. She wants to cuddle, so we cuddle for a little bit I am just about done with the Car seat canopy. Just another 15 minutes!! The girls will not stop fighting over their bikes!! Driving me crazy, but i just ignore them. I need to get this done so can put it all away. Finally 4:45 officially done. If i didnt have kids in my way, the project would have taken only 2 hours.

5:00 pm: Trying to decide what to have for dinner. I dont want to go to the grocery store this week, so i am trying to use up all my options at home. Frozen Pizza and Nachos is whats for dinner!

6:00 pm: Reggie Leaves to go teach Temple Prep classes to our neighbors. Girls get in the tub. I then decide to deliver our primary CDs to people that havnt picked them up. The girls enjoyed riding around the neighborhood without having to be in their car seats and knocking on doors. The last stop was our next door neighbors, so we stayed a while and let the kids play. My Girls adore their kids.

7:00 pm: Reggie is home, I leave him with the girls for Sewing night! Yay, we made these really cute Pillow Case Dresses. They are darling. I will take pictures with them in it on sunday!

8:00 pm: Still sewing

9:00 pm: Still Sewing

10:00 pm: still sewing.. thought these dresses were supposed to be easy!! (but I had to make 2) 10:15 I am done!! 10:45 Get on computer and start my blog. Today is a boring day.. Guess i am just too tired to really get into it today.

11:00 pm: Computer and Sleep. (hope my posts aren't confusing.. I hate proof reading so I usually just post after I am done...)


Brooke said...

I'm so jealous that you know how to sew. Post pictures of the dresses and the car seat canopy.

kanabanana said...

Thanks for making the car seat canopy! If the dresses are easy i would love to make one for Chloe. I am worried all the 3-6 month stuff will be a little small by the time warm weather comes around. We will see...

Nick and Amera said...

I pretty much LOVE Gracie Lou's!!! cant wait to see those dresses on those darling little girls that McCoy is OVERLY OBSESSED WITH! Thanks again for watchin him, he LOVES YOU GUYS! and so do i :)

LeslieK said...

Is it wrong that I live through your blog? lol...
I like to know what I'm in for in a couple years!

Devon said...

Wow - that is dedication to track every hour of your life for a week! I've heard of the pillow case dresses, but never seen them so make sure to post some pictures.