Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas at Disneyland!

The Start of our Magical day!

Classic tram ride to the park!

Love the Christmas decor, It made the
Trip that much more amazing! Uncle Branden
also came along for the ride!

The Picture does not do the castle justice!

Please dont hate on the leashes! We didnt have a stroller (i know we cold have rented one) and I was not going to risk losing my child in that mad house!
They loved every minute of the tea cups!

The castle all lite up! It was so MAGICAL! and I cant even describe the fireworks... WOW!!!
Haunted Mansion!

By this point, Maggie was sooo exhausted.. but she managed to come up with these adorable cheesy smiles! The last ride of the day of DUMBO!

Loved these pictures of miley- She looks so little in Dumbo!


jessamyn said...

Oh Disneyland, how I wish I could go there and watch Johnny freak out every time he sees a Disney character he knows! Looks like an amazing Christmas!! By the way your Christmas card was beautiful, I still have yours from the year before too... I save them :)

kanabanana said...

Look like you had a blast! The leash is ideal, and I have them.