Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ok, So forgive me for not being a very good Blogger and Mom. We spent Christmas in cali, and after our trip to Disneyland my camera battery was dead and I didnt have the Charger, so Christmas morning was just recorded on video camera. So here are some before Christmas pictures. They are all of Maggie because I was not going to make Toffee with Miley awake! Maggie was such a great helper and had a lot of fun! Her knew thing is Singing! She loves to sing Best of Both Worlds! She has that song down- and she will always have a mic in her hand while doing it!

She took this picture by herself! (you can see her arms sticking out holding the camera!)
Future Candy Maker!


jessamyn said...

She looks like she should be in Kindergarten... where does time go!? I love the apron!

The Razz Fam said...

She looks SO BIG! Awe, cute Maggs! Great posts, since it seems like the only time I know whats going on in your lives is when I read your blog!

Please life- slow down so we can play with the Hakes AGAIN! Miss you guys a lot!

kanabanana said...

OMG she is so stinkin' adorable in her apron and her hair is getting more and more blonde!