Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday, Feb 8, 2010

12 am: sleep

1 am: sleep
2 am: sleep
3 am: sleep
4 am: sleep
5 am: sleep, 5:45 Reggie up to go to the gym.
6 am: sleep 6:45, Reggie home and showers
7 am: sleep Reggie leaves for work.

8 am: sleep till 8:30, and both girls are still alseep! Maggie up at about 8:45 (she slept in her bed the entire night!)

9 am: Miley up, change diapers. fight with Maggie about breakfast. She says she wants a Turkey Sandwich. I say no. They both get cereal. I eat Chocolate Cheerios! Yum! and good for you :) Call the gym to schedule a time for the daycare. Call Katie to see if she wants to come. she says yes. hurry and get the girls ready. fight again with Maggie over her outfit. Finally she is in something decent. Load in the car and off to the gym.
10 am: Drop girls off at the gyms daycare. they went just fine. Worked out.
11 am: still working out. Go get the girls around 11:20, once they see me they both start crying, but they were just fine when i got there... weird. Head home. Reggie calls and says he needs his Birth Certificate and SS card for his CDL license ... So i head to Orem with 2 starving girls and meet him.

12 pm: Head back home and stop at Mcdonalds. Let the girls play and have lunch, 12:45 home, and head downstairs to the computer.

1 pm: sitting on the computer, Shopping on ZAppos, Facebooking, Blogging, and checking Emails, while the girls are destroying the basement, going thru old clothes. I am a bad mom, just ignoring them letting them do whatever. oh well.

2pm: Wow, still on the computer... Put Bolt on for Maggie, Put Miley down for a nap, head back to the computer to read more blogs and i decide to start this wonderful idea of blogging about my days! lets see if i can keep this up!
3 pm: Realize its 3 and i am wasting my day away... So go clean my Bathrooms. I have to be sneaky about this. I cant let Maggie know i am cleaning, or else she will insist on helping me only to make my cleaning process that much longer. I deceived her for only 10 minutes. While cleaning i realized some important details i left on my blog post, so I immediately go to the computer and make the changes.. Back to cleaning. 3:40 miley wakes up... did she even sleep for an hour?? Maybe for as long Bolt was on, so I guess that was good enough.

4 pm: Finally make it to clean the girls bathroom. Get that done while I put on Monster House. I know, I am terrible I let my girls watch too much TV, only so I can get things done, But it usually doesn't work. They feel they have the need to be at my hip 24/7. Dust the entire house. do a load of laundry, start my movie I rented friday night (Love Happens) fold laundry (if I am watching something on TV i get it folded much faster). 4:45 maggie wont stop bugging me for a turkey sandwich. Guess she didn't eat much Mcdonalds. Pause my movie and I make both girls a sandwich. (they ate the entire thing)

5 pm: Finish folding laundry, get it put away. Get Vacuum out and Hallelujah! Reggie walks in the door about 5:20! He plays with the girls while I vacuum the entire house. Find him in the kitchen searching for something to eat. I had not planned dinner cuz I was too busy blogging and cleaning. I eat left over dips (salsa, cheese ball, and spinach artichoke dip) and Reggie eats 3 frozen burritos. (i know you are thinking we are so healthy:) I promise I do cook most every night!!

6 pm: Finish eating and clean up "dinner." Reggie get the girls in the bath while I run out to Ross to get some much needed sheets! (we have a big fat hole in ours). stop at the gas station to buy a bottle of water and ended up getting popcorn too :) I spend lots of time looking around for things I don't need. I am proud of my shopping trip. I bought Sheets, 2 pillows, and a board to hold the girls hair clips :)

7 pm: I walk to TJ max to see if I missed out on anything there, but nah. I do like to shop at stores like Ross and TJ Max, but I am just not a digger... i can never find great things. Head back home to find Reggis asleep on the couch and both girls awake! The girls immediatly dig into my bags assuming they got something. Well, they sorta got something (the clip holder) and were actually pretty excited to put their clips on it!

8 pm: Miley to bed! She cries for about 5 minutes, but then gives up and falls asleep :) Wash my NEW sheets. Start my movie back up with Maggs by my side. 8:45, Maggies sheets were dry, so I put her bed back together. Switch my sheets to the dryer, back to the couch with Maggs and listen to Reggie snore on the couch and watch my movie. ( I will not explain Maggie's sleeping habits. She has been like this since the day she was born. Never on a schedule and I dont think she will ever be. Partially my fault. But I really blame Reggie. She is stubborn just like him)

9 pm: Still watching movie and Maggie is still awake. 9:20, Maggie asks me to go lay down with her in her bed, so i put her in bed and she is out in 2 minutes. Quickly put my new sheets on the bed, perfect timing because Reggie just slept walked into our room. Back to my movie. finally finished at 9:50. Not as good as I thought. Waste of my $4. Then Down to the computer to blog.

10 pm: Blog, check Face book, and check my email. Finally Shower for the day :)

11 pm: sleep


Brooke said...

I think it's hilarious that Maggie keeps begging for a turkey sandwich. Heck, that's super healthy! All Adana ever begs for are Cheetos and cookies. :-P

The Razz Fam said...

Very cool idea! Mine would just be a repeat every day...except for the different kind of mess Carter makes each day! I can't wait to read about your day tomorrow! :D