Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

12:00 am: Sleep
1:00 am: Sleep
2:00 am: Sleep
3:00 am: Sleep
4:00 am: Sleep
5:00 am: Sleep
6:00 am: Sleep, 6:30 Reggie is up and leaves for work. I get 3 Texts from him at 6:45 needed me to set his wallet out for Jesus to come by and pick up. I slept through the 3 texts. 6:52 he calls me, missed the call, but saw the texts. Got my butt out of bed, threw it outside the front door for Jesus.
6:53 back to sleep

7:00 am: Sleep

8:00 am Sleep, up at 8:30. Both girls are up at the same time. Miley has a runny nose! Dang Golds Gym daycare! Wipe Miley's nose. Change diapers. Made sausage and Eggs for breakfast, the girls favorite. Wipe Miley's nose

9:00 am: Wipe Miley's Nose. Emily, my sister in law, calls to say she is not going to bring Evan over because he got croup. Wipe Miley's nose. Call Katie, my other sister in-law, to see what she was up to. Finish my blog post from the day before. Wipe Miley's nose.

10:00 am: Wipe Miley's Nose. Pick up house, check email and facebook. Wipe Miley's nose. Call Katie to see if she wants to go to the mall and walk around with me. She says yes. 10:30 shower. Get ready. Wipe Miley's nose.

11:00 am: Clean up the house, hate coming home to a messy house. Dishes, Sweep, Pick up everything. 11:45, Katie comes over to pick me up in Sheri's, my mother in-law, Fire truck. (she has the GIANT red Ford pickup, that sounds like a Jet). We have her truck because Katie is taking Sheri's bike into the shop for her. (p.s. i told sheri the day before the bike was fine and didnt need work because Reggie had been using it, oh well) Wipe Miley's nose. Drive to a bike shop in American Fork. I live in Spanish fork. AF is like 25 minutes away. We pass 10 bike shops a long the way.

12:00 pm: get to the bike shop, Katie take it in. In the mean time Miley has fallen asleep. Poor baby :( not feeling well and I am the awful mom that insited I got out of the house today. Katie is in there for forever. Talk to Reggie. He said he wants to meet us for lunch but doesnt know where. 12:20 katie is finally done. Drive 10 more minutes to the only car wash that will take this GIANT truck. wait 10 more minutes in line. 12:40, finally in the car wash. 12:45, out and wait for the workers to dry it off. Finally 12:55 done! On the freeway call Reggie. He refuses to eat anywhere we want to. He finally gives in to eat the Cafe Rio.

1:00 pm: Driving to Cafe Rio in orem. He calls me 3 times and texts me 20 times while we are in the parking lot. We are not expert truck parkers. it took us 10 minutes to park the **** thing!
When we got in he ordered for me because he wasnt patient enough to wait for us. He got me a Pork Salad.. I wanted chicken. oh well. Eat.

2:00 pm: Finally done with lunch, Leave for the Mall. Go to Thai Pan, a home decor store, Buy a jewelry stand. walk around, let the kids play at the play place.

3:00 pm: Kids still playing. I must take a second and rant about parents. There is this girls sitting and the top of the slide and wont go down. No parent in sight. Finally the Sloppy dad walks on over the try and reason with this 2 yr old. She wont go down. If it were me I would yank my kid off, so others could go down. Well she still sat there with a line of 10 kids waiting patiently for a chance to go down the slide. He helps her slide down where she just sits at the bottom of the slide. Pick your **** kid up and move her!!!!! UGH! Parents. This poor girl looked like she had eaten way too many happy meals and had yesterdays lunch still on her face. Wipe your kids face. EWWW. The dad was wearing a BYU shirt. That explains everything :) Finally wrestle them to leave. 3:45 Back to the Dry Cleaners (Reggie's brother owns it, and Sheri mananges it) to give Sheri her turck back, switch the car seats to katies car.

4:00 pm: Leave the dry cleaners. home :) do a load of laundry. Girls just relax from their day out. Fold more laundry. Wipe Miley's nose

5:00 pm: Start to think about dinner. Wonder why my purse hadnt come in the mail yet. Decide to Make BLTs for dinner, but I have no bread. 5:30 call Reggie. no answer. 5:40 call Reggie, no answer. wait around to see if he will call me back

6:00 pm: Call reggie. No answer. Start making some bacon and French toast sticks I had for the girls. Text Reggie at 6:10 to see if he was in at meeting, he replied "yeh." Well that would have been nice to know! text him back and ask when he will be home. He does not respond. Girls spilled red juice on my barstools because they cant stay OFF the counter!!! UGH! I am so irritated that I get rid of my digusting bar stools until I can re-cover the fabric and now they will no longer have a way to get on the counter. I am sure they will find another way sooner or later. He calls at 6:27. I tell him to stop at the store for bread and milk. Finish making the bacon. He is home at 6:50. He walks in the house with no bags and on the phone. I ask where the food is and he is like oh ya, in the truck. Lame. Already irritated at my kids.

7:00 pm: Eat dinner. Still irritated. Counting down the time till I get to leave for my presidency meeting at 7:30. 7:20 Reggie gets the girls in the bath. Yay!! 7:30 is here! Leave for my meeting. At this point I dont care when the kids go to bed, as long as they are alseep before i get home.

8:00 pm: Meeting.

9:00 pm: Meeting. We have a HUGE primary about 150 active, and about 60 nursery kids. So we have a lot to deal with and plan for.

10:00 pm: Meeting still going, we are pretty much done, just talking now :)

11:00 pm: Whoops!! Is it really 11, guess we should go home! get home to Reggie still awake. He is just finishing watching lost. I am surprised he is still awake. 11:20 go get into bed.
get on Reggies lap top.


kanabanana said...

You had an eventful day! Hope Miley feels better soon. They have this new stuff called "Umcka" it is homeopathic, try it out when you see the first signs of a cold (basically a kiddie version of Zicam). LOL about the BYU shirt comment, ;) I understand what you mean though! BTW you did take your daughter to the mall with a runny nose!!! And tell Reggie he needs to answer his stinking phone. This seems to be a pattern. ;)