Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, Feb 7, 2010

K, So My sister in-law is amazing. She had inspired me to to blog about my days this week. So sorry if you get bored :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

12 am: watching pointless late night tv, and finally go to bed.
1 am: sleep
2 am: sleep
3 am: sleep
4 am: sleep
5 am: Maggie's usual late night stroll into our room, and I am so tired, that I pick her up and put her in our bed, but it takes me a good 45 minutes to go back to sleep. I am debating in my mind to go set out butter and cream cheese so it will be soft for when i get up to make a cheese ball for the Superbowl....
6 am: sleep
7 am: sleep

8 am: Thankfully my kids like to sleep in past 8 usually, so this morning in am up at 8:15 to find everyone STILl asleep and reggie to be missing. He usually goes to the couch when maggie gets in our bed, but he wasn't there. I then find him in Maggie's Bed. Miley and Maggie both up soon after.

9am: Reggie gets a call from the Young Mens president saying that there are enough men to do fast offerings, so reggie agrees to go do this, leaving me home alone till church to feed the girls, get me and 2 girls ready for church and make a cheese ball. So i start by making the cheese ball.

10 am: Cheese ball Finished I hurry and do the girls hair and fight with maggie on what to wear. She is very difficult when it comes to this. She only wants to wear MILEY's Pajamas. Erg. But I win of course and she wears a cute dress. In the mean time I am praying reggie will be able to come home soon to occupy the girls while I finish getting ready. 10:20 in the shower, luckily I washed my hair the day before, so that took off 30 minutes of getting ready time. I tell the girls to get their church bag, they bring it to me and proceed to dump everything out in my bathroom. eerrg!!! REGGIE REALLY NEEDS TO GET HOME! i hurry and put everything back, throw on a skirt and top, run a brush through my hair and out the door by 10:50. K, so my church is a block away, so you would think leaving at 10:58 would be fine, but leaving at 10:50 is LATE! you cant find a seat. (there are almost 650 people in our ward, and 150 primary kids) So here I am driving my husbands lifted truck, wearing high heels and trying to get 2 kids out of it and both of them wanting to walk and doddle through the parking lot! UGH, not happy with Reggie right about now. Finally make it into church, luckily hasn't started yet, so i see 2 rows in the soft seats open, walk up holding 2 big bags ( i am in the primary presidency so 1 bag for primary stuff and 1 for the girls crap they need to keep them occupied for the hour of sacrament) dragging my girls behind me, only to find that those seats are saved by people not there yet!!! HATE THAT!!!! so I walk back to the hard seats sit down, only to find my children escaping out the doors as i chase them both down the hall SO MAD! Reggie still no where to be found. Back in the sacrament room, sit down and how conveniently Reggie walked in.

11 am: Ask Reggie for the key to my car to go get my lipstick. (my lips felt naked and i don't feel complete without it on) Sacrament meeting started. Kids were actually good for the most part. Since it was fast Sunday Maggie asked if i was "gonna go up there" I said no. (she doesnt understand why people are going up there :) She asked the strangers behind us if they were "gonna go up there" they laughed and said no :) she asked me about 4 other times, I said no:) Miley got a little out of hand, Reggie took her out for "time out" she came back in like an angel :)

12 pm: Testimony meeting still going. Escape during the closing hymn with Miley to go help set up Primary. CRAZY! There are sooo many kids. Take girls to Nursery. Secretary tells me she is sick, so i take over her jobs for the day. Walking up and down halls in heels is a great work out just so you know!
1 pm: More secretary stuff.

2 pm: Church is over! get girls hand them to Reggie. Stop and help clean up primary only to find Reggie left with both of the bags which had my keys in it!! So i find my neighbor and ask for a ride. Get in her car while reggie pulls up with my keys :) guess he didn't forget! Get home and start making food for superbowl with my brother. Make Salsa and Spinach Artichoke Dip! DELICIOUS!! Try and lay miley down, only to realize we would be leaving soon for the game, so she gets out of her nap!

3 pm: Clean up, eat, and sit for a minute!
4 pm: Get everything together and leave for Chad and Kelli's house for the game. kickoff started and watch the Superbowl!
5 pm: so from here on out dont remember exact details, just watching the game!
6 pm: more game
7 pm: more game..... Only to find the SAINTS WIN!!!! YAY!!! So happy :) I am a big Reggie Bush fan :) head home fighting the girls
8 pm: Get the kids ready for bed Miley is beat... But screams for 15 minutes in her crib until Reggie goes and gets her. SHe falls asleep in his arms. (sucker) Maggie wont stop bugging me for a turkey sandwich, so i make her one and she eats the entire thing. Guess she was hungary. I pick up the house and CLEAN my kitchen.

9 pm: Branden leaves, I say i am going to bed. Get in bed, Reggie brings maggie into our room!!!!!!!!! she is still awake and he doesnt want to put her in her bed cuz she will cry and wake up miley! lame. Miley wakes up crying anyway (think she is just tooo exhausted) I go lay in MAGGIEs bed with her and fall alseep.

10 pm: sleep, only to wake up and put Miley in her crib, go back to my bed, get Maggie and put her in her bed :)
11 pm: sleep.


kanabanana said...

i just don't know if i have that much to write about i should try it soon. hopefully today's entry will be more calm

Brooke said...

I LOVE that you're doing this! I hope you can stick it out for the full week. I can't wait to read more about your day-to-day lives.

And I love your priorities: Feed kids? Nah. Get ready for church? Heck no!! Gotta make the cheese ball!! :-)

jessamyn said...

Oh the life of a mother!! You're such a good mom. Johnny toilet papered my hall this morning in addition to 50 million other naughty things, this is a really good idea. Ten years down the road we probably won't remember all of these things. Johnny has yet to sit in the Chapel for Sacrament Meeting for more than 3 minutes :( Maybe when he is like 9 or 10. Miss you guys!

Amy Kohler said...

Matt is always complaining about kids ending up in our bed and it seems like it's someone different every night! I gave him Reggie's idea of just climbing in their bed.