Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12:00 am: Sleep

1:00 am: Sleep
2:00 am: Sleep
3:00 am: Sleep
4:00 am: Sleep
5:00 am: Sleep
6:00 am: Sleep, Reggie up at 6:45 for work
7:00 am: Sleep
8:00 am: Wake up to Miley, changer her soaking diaper. Get her some milk. Lay on the couch and Cuddle for a while.
9:00 am: Maggie up and change her diaper. Feed both girls breakfast, fight again over Turkey Sandwiches, I win, they eat cereal. Jump on the computer, and think about how I have nothing planned for the day.

10:00 am: Get a text From a neighbor needing me to watch her little boy, I say YES! Something to do today. Make Beds (p.s. love my new sheets, so soft :) and get house picked up. Maggie bugs me for a turkey Sandwich again. Well tough luck girl! I am out of bread. Her and Miley both get slices of turkey and cheese for a mid morning snack.

11:00am: Go to the bank, girls must have a sucker. Home, eat lunch around 11:45. Do a load of laundry.

12:00 pm: cant really remember what i did... oh ya I ordered a purse from Zappos. I have to do sharing time on sunday, so i looked on the internet for some good ideas and looked thru books. 12:45 carter comes over! He is sooo stinking cute! Just love that little boy. He is right between my 2 girls so the all play really well .

1:00 pm: Kids playing really well.. don't even notice Carter is at my house. Put dinner in the crockpot. (chicken with spinach and artichoke dip poured on top.. sounded good??) 1:30 Carters mom is back. 1:45 leave for a different bank for Reggie.

2:00 pm: Meet Reggie at the gas station, go to the bank. Miley has fallen asleep now. Hope she will stay asleep when I transfer her to her crib.... 2:30 home... Miley wakes up, But I put her in bed hoping she will go back to sleep.

3:00 pm: Miley still talking in her crib, Maggie decided to stand by Miley's door and talk to her. Thanks Maggie! Miley is up! Down to the computer again. Back up stairs Dont remember much of this hour...

4:00 pm: Get the bright idea to take the girls outside. The sun is very deceiving. Looks warm... oh but its not! Get Miley dressed warm, Fight with Maggie. She insists on wearing her Minnie Mouse SUN dress, flip flops, and a light jacket. We argue for 15 minutes until I tell her she cant come out of her room until she is dressed warm with pants, shoes and socks, and a WARM jacket. 4:30, she gives in. Finally outside to play. I get a text from Reggie saying he has to go do Baptisms with the Young Men. Dang, there goes my chance of going to the Gym. We walk down the street to a "park." (its a big hole in the neighborhood) Play with the girls, roll down the hill, and i pull them in the wagon and hike back up. Since I didn't go to the gym, I figured this would be my workout. Finally convince the girls its time togo.

5:00 pm: Called Reggie, Called Reggie again, Called Reggie again. No answer. Start our trek home. See a sad dog, he must be really old, the girls stop and say hi for probably 10 minutes, run to the house of the dog owner, they doorbell ditch, (well they ran up to the a house, miley knocked and Maggie rang to doorbell, i quickly chased after them so they wouldn't door bell ditch, and brought them back to the wagon) Reggie calls! I beg him to come pick us up because at this moment I feel like I will never get home. He says he will be there in 3 minutes. 3 minutes pass and we have made it 10 feet on our walk. Reggie shows up. He had just gotten out of the shower, no wonder he didnt answer my many phone calls to him. Girls into the car, I finish the walk home by pulling the wagon and Maggie's Bike. Fight the girls to go inside the house. Reggie finishes getting ready. 5:25 he leaves. I make some rice to go with dinner. Turned our OK. Nothing i would ever make again. Cleaned up

6:00 pm: Hung out with the girls, Played, watched some TV, Dont really know what else we did.

7:00 pm: Still hanging out. 7:30 in the tub. PJ's on and time for reading. Read lots of books. 7:59 Reggie calls saying he is on his way home.

8:00 pm: Miley in bed. 8:15 lay with Maggie and read more books trying to get her in bed. 8:50 Reggie home. Ya, i thought the Provo temple is only 15 minutes aways... oh ya thats right, they stopped and the BYU creamery... lame. He didn't bring me home anything :( Maggie still talking in her bed, Reggie goes in and brings her out! Thanks, all my hard work to keep her in there and make her fall asleep did not pay off! Start American Idol.

9:00 pm: More AI :) Maggie still awake, 9:40 Maggie in bed, she is still awake, but i tell her i will be right back to lay down with her. Check back on her in 2 minutes and she is out.

10:00 pm: Watch 24 on Reggie's Lap top. 10:45 Sleep.

11:00 pm: sleep.


Kelsie Maher said...

ok your day sounds exhausting!! Plus, I can't believe after all your hard work, your husband didn't even bring you ice-cream!! He better have a good vday surpise for you :)

kanabanana said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of your week! Yah, your girls really need to SLEEP!!